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The Story of Mama Safia's Kitchen

Rebuilding Mama Safia's Kitchen: Rising from the Ashes of the George Floyd Riots

In the wake of the historic George Floyd protests, Minneapolis faced unprecedented challenges. At the heart of the city, on Lake Street, Mama Safia's Kitchen, a cherished Somali restaurant, experienced the profound impact firsthand. As a cornerstone of the East African culinary scene, our locally-owned, black woman-led establishment had been serving authentic Somali food to our community, until the unforeseen events led to devastating damages.


The aftermath of the riots left Mama Safia's Kitchen in ruins. Our once bustling hub for Somali cuisine, loved for its biryani, sambusa, and Somali goat meat meals, stood silenced. The sight of our kitchen, known for crafting traditional Somali dishes with so much love, was heart-wrenching, but the spirit of Mama Safia and her children remained unbroken.


The journey to rebuild Mama Safia's Kitchen was a testament to the resilience and community strength. With the unwavering support of our Minneapolis neighbors, we began to resurrect our beloved Somali restaurant. The road was not without its challenges - from sourcing the perfect ingredients for our healthy, halal East African dishes to recreating the warm, welcoming atmosphere our patrons had come to love. However, every hurdle only strengthened our resolve.


Mama Safia's Kitchen's reopening marked a significant milestone in our journey, and the response from the community was overwhelming. We welcomed back our loyal customers and greeted new faces, all eager to enjoy the best Somali food in Minneapolis once again. Their support was a touching reminder that Mama Safia's Kitchen was more than just a restaurant - it was a symbol of community strength and unity.


As we look to the future, we're filled with hope and gratitude. Mama Safia's Kitchen will continue to serve as a beacon of resilience, offering delicious Somali food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you're looking for Somali takeaway or want to enjoy our unique Somali tea at our restaurant, we're here to serve you. We are deeply grateful for the support that helped us rise from the ashes, and we promise to continue contributing to the rich tapestry of Minneapolis with our authentic Somali cuisine.


Come and be part of our story as we continue to write the next chapters of Mama Safia's Kitchen.

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